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Flysurfer PSYCHO¹

PSYCHO - the hangtime kite

The goal of the development of the PSYCHOS was to build an optimal high performance kite for the experienced kiter. After several prototypes, up to the double-skin tube kite (tube kite with a genuine profile), it was soon clear to us: If we want to be better than the products on the market, then we need a kite with an optimally projected surface. We came to the conclusion that, nothing will exceed a double-skin kite.

With the conception of the PSYCHOS the development of a new depower system, which takes a kite to its limit, was one of the main objectives. It was clear to us that we had to combine the simple angle-of-incidence change, which a 4-liner tube kite uses, along with the "Flapsystem", with which airplanes land and which we at FLYSURFER have been using for a long time. The combination of the "landing flaps" and the angle-of-incidence, increases the maximum lift considerably!

Thereby it enabled us to have the same accurate depower effect as with a 4-liner tube kite, without having to accept the disadvantages of the tube system. In the course of the development we were able to integrate yet another purposeful Flex into the profile. In jump performance the PSYCHO gets a special "Kick" if you use the special power system, because of the curvable high speed profile. When depowering, the profile can develop no more elevation when not arched.

The depower system thereby regulates the hangtime. To "fly", the kite only has to be steered into the zenith and the power system has to be used. Jumping is thus simplified noticeably and makes it easier to try out or learn new tricks.
Because the PSYCHO "parks" directly under the kiter with its enormous projected surface during a jump, it's one of the reasons, why the PSYCHO makes such extreme hangtime values possible combined with soft landings.

Whoever observed the FLYSURFER drivers at the contest in Fehmarn, is able to confirm the immense differences of the PSYCHO compared to conventional foils.
Also compared to current tube concepts, the advantages of the PSYCHO are self-evident especially during hangtime and soft landings.

The new FLYSURFER WAC depower system (Wind Attack Control) now has drag on the bar just like a 4-Liner tubekite, which makes a precise, intuitive feeling of the kite's position possible.
Thanks to the new "gust absorber", the PSYCHO is the first kite on the market, which allows a driving on the "stop knot" with automatic gust absorption. Even the long steering ways were drastically reduced thanks to the WAC system. Thus, the momentarily largest PSYCHO 15.5 can be steered really well with a bar, which is only 65 cm long.

The enormous windrange of the PSYCHO, (for the first time no upper end of the wind range is indicated!) and the therewith extreme forces on the kite have been accounted for byFLYSURFER using thought out material-mixes, as well as special reinforcements.

Even the Easy Restart Safety system, which FLYSURFER has always used on their kites, was reprocessed. In addition to various successful tests with simple emergency stop systems with a fourth line to the let the kite blow out, the Easy Restart Safety System could be improved in combination with the depower effekt.

FLYSURFER introduces a further highlight into the kite scene using the PSYCHO:
the "rotor leash" (RL) was able to be advanced to production stage for the PSYCHO.
Untwisting the Safety after a flip is now done automatically even with normal trapezes.
The PSYCHO is thereby the first series kite with a rotating leash, which provides maximum safety even while doing "wild tricks".

All in all the PSYCHO has added over 1000 optimized individual parts in comparison to the Warrior. 42 cells, with up to 6 individually sown parts for the sails, as well as profiles strengthend with diagonal ribs technology with the patented Air Inlet Valves, provide for a perfect shape of the PSYCHO.

With the first standard, aluminum-free full carbon bar, FLYSURFER shows that they also want to produce the world's best kitesurf equipment.

And FLYSURFER are still leading the way concerning safety. That way all lines connected to the kite can be seperated easily and yet safely: Quick releases attached to the safety leash, the trim loop and the harness line have made the PSYCHO to the safest and most powerful kite in the world.   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting