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Flysurfer VOODOO

The VOODOO is a freeride kite, which can be changed to a freestyler, wakestyler, waverider and even to a beginner kite, because of his many trim options.

The VOODOO follows the trend of fast, but easy to handle kites. That way, the VOODOO has a moderate aspect ratio in combination with a new super stable high performance profile. The profile was developed with computer analyses, wind tunnel tests and mini cameras, during very complicated testing. During the on-road test, the VOODOO was optimized in handling, comfort and fun.
The possibilities of the patented Jet Flap technology were exhausted, in order to increase stability and lift even more.
After many prototypes we finally made it: we achieved maximal profile accuracy with minimal constructive weight.
What we came up with was a well-balanced kite, with which the FS-development team is very pleased with, in all areas.
more light wind performance
more direct kite control
More upwind performance.
less backstall.
The new FLYSURFER Multi-WAC:

A brand-new patented line system was especially developed for the VOODOO: The new Multi-WAC.
Thus the VOODOO is the first kite, which adapts to the kiter and not vice versa.
Regardless if you're a freestyler, who rides with too much power and wants maximal feedback on the bar, or a cruiser who wants minimal control force and maximal wind range.
The steering-option with tip- and full break enables the VOODOO to adapt to the prefered style or condition in a matter of seconds.
With the WAC-option you can change the WAC-Depowersystem at lightening speed and decide if you want more power in the angle of attack or in the arch of the profile. Off-the-shelf, the kite is, of course, always set up to provide an optimal compromise.

Snow kiting:

The already legendary durability of our products was improved even more in the VOODOO. 4 automatic overpressure valves let the excessive pressure escape, in case of a crash. The overpressure valves close automatically, as soon as the pressure is released. The VOODOO is his own airbag so to speak and fills up again right away, because of his FS-Valve technology. Even the attachment points of the bridle lines were drastically optimized in order to prevent damage to the lines or the kite.

But the VOODOO offers even more improvements. He is equipped with 2 zippers on the leading edge. The VOODOO can herewith be changed to a open land and snow kite fast. When the zippers are open the kite fills up really quickly, like an open kite. During landings, on ice for example, the automatic drainage is helpful, if you're packing up by yourself. Because of the two zippers, the kite is emptied and packed up very quickly. (Snow kiting video)

Included in delivery:
The VOODOO is delivered with a complete line set, WAC-carbon-bar, bag, repair set and new manual.

The SPIRIT is the price optimized little brother of the VOODOO. He is available in 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0 m? sizes and has an aluminium bar and a cloth, which is 20 % heavier. Beside that, the SPIRIT is constructed in the same way as the VOODOO.   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting