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Flysurfer TITAN


The goal was to develop an uncompromising safe high-performance kite. We have never before carried out as many innovations in a system as with the TITAN. We were the first to develop a JetFlap kite.

JF technology:

Thanks to the JetFlap technology, the TITAN produces 20% more lift with better stability at the same time.

The TITAN profile has:

1. Less resistance because of a full double profile sail.
2. More lift by getting rid of flow separation.

The JetFlap optimizes and stabilizes the current around the wing. In the high angle-of-incidence range, there is no flow separation thanks to the JetFlap. When over-flying the kite, it sucks the rear edge of the kite down so it can't come over the front. That makes the TITAN a high-performance, yet simple and safe kite to fly. The JetFlap also has a mind of its own , which can be very helpful.

In order to increase the comfort of the TITAN even more, we developed the so-called Pull Stop system. That way it is possible to let the kite blow out by simply pulling the front line, after having used the Auto Restart Safety system to land. The restart is not only built in, but is used with the Pull Stop system, in order to direct and start the TITAN at the edge of the wind window without any pull. The features of the Auto Restart Safety system remain fully available and the kite can still be started in the power zone at any time. And still no fourth or fifth line is needed!

VTT system:
We also optimized the pulling of the brakes. Only that way, the Pull Stop system with direct handling and high depower effect could be reached. With the VTT the brake lines no longer affect the centre of the kite. The tension of the rear edge is thus changed. Thereby the kite turns better over the wing tips and the PS system works more efficiently.
ABS system:
We even developed the security during water starts using a brand new drain system. The kite's ability to start in the water now withstands even the toughest demands. Whoever wants to, can now fill his kite with water . The kite can drain itself automatically really quickly, with up to 10 litres/minute while attempting to start.
Through the last non-profile centimetres of the rear edge, water and dirt flow along the rear edge to the wingtips (arrows in the picture).
The dead weight of the water and the dynamic pressure build-up press the water out of the kite at the wing tips. The ability to start out of the water has reached a new dimension. If somebody wants to start his kite out on the water, he can swim there to start.

Even the TITAN's standard accesories are without competition: Full carbon bar, Rotorleash, Gust absorber, adjustable depower length...

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