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Chcete nejrychlejší kite na světě ? - Nafukovací kity Wainman Hawaii

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Flysurfer PSYCHO²

The kite, which inspires "everyone".

Due to PSYCHO?’s great potential, this kite will be the perfect solution for almost everyvbody! FLYSURFER has set new standards, because of their enormous head start in technology.


By changing the angle of attack and simultaneously changing the profile, the PSYCHO? offers the largest range of use for a kite.

The use of the most modern research & development methods enables the PSYCHO? to have unbelievable lift and enormous hang time. Everyone can try out new moves due to long flights and enough time in the air.

The JetFlap technology guarantees the best in-flight stability during all conditions. This means: safety, control, comfort and fun on the highest level, without having to be an expert.

The low steering and holding forces, as well the FS NO-PUMP system, save you valuable energy for your new moves.

Be independent and use the FS safety system. It enables launching and landing of the kite without help at any time. Even after you have engaged the FS safety system, you can be certain to restart the kite easily.

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