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Chcete nejrychlejší kite na světě ? - Nafukovací kity Wainman Hawaii

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Flysurfer ROOKIE²

ROOKIE? FLYSURFER's Open-Cell-Kite for LAND and SNOW use

Because of the many requests, FLYSURFER now offers the open-cell-kite ROOKIE?.
During it's development, we mainly focused on:

  • absolutely simple and safe handling
  • an ideal price/performance ratio


The simple and ingenious DIRECT-WAC (Wind-Attack-Control), which we developed for the EXTACY, we have also used on the ROOKIE?. Thus, no pulleys are needed in the line system.


We have equipped the ROOKIE? 2.0 and 4.0 with perfect bar feedback, ideal unhooked flight characteristics and sufficient steering impulses with the FS-PULLY-BAR. The big ROOKIE? 6.0 and 9.0 are optimized for the regular no pulley bar.

Because of the 4-line-system, the ROOKIE? can be flown on handles with depower.

We offer the BASIC and the GOLD-EDITION for the sizes 6.0 and 9.0. The BASIC-EDITION has the best price/performance ratio. Thus, FLYSURFER is the first manufacturer to launch a complete depower-kite (with bar and safety) at a very low price. In the GOLD-EDITION, the ROTOR-KITE-LEASH (RKL) and the ADJUSTER give the kiter additional comfort.

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