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Flysurfer SPEED

SPEED is a need!

With the SPEED, FLYSURFER has been able to develop a kite, which is very versatile. The SPEED is a high-performer that has excellent low wind performance and superb stability. Nobody would believe that a kite with an Aspect Ratio of 5.9 would remain in the sky, but it does. The SPEED will attract a lot of attention, because of its spectacular appearance and other kiters will become jealous, when they see that you're the first one on the water in low winds.

There has never been a kite which has covered a bigger wind range than the SPEED. Even in increasing winds, the SPEED can be steered extremely close to the wind window. The resulting upwind-performance gets you further upwind and does it much faster than ever before. The new XD-14 profile, which has been developed on the computer and optimized in the wind channel, makes all this possible.

The bar forces can be adjusted individually:

The new WAC-System allows you to choose between 5 different stages of HARD- or SOFT-STEERING the kite. Kiters who like to cruise will most likely choose the SOFT-STEERING-SETUP (SSS). Kiters who are used to inflatable kites and like to ride unhooked with a preference for high bar forces and high steering forces, will probably choose the HARD-STEERING-SETUP (HSS). The SPEED allows you to easily adjust the steering characteristics to suit your personal preferences!

The SPEED will surprise you with its unbelievable turning-speed, its enormous lift and the huge hang-time.
Of course, the SPEED lives up to the expectations of its name. The kite achieved the speed record on snow, with a speed of more than 108 km/h during the winter season of 2004/2005:

SPEED features:

  • Maximum upwind-performance characteristics!
    no inflatable kite has upwind-perfomance characteristics equal to those of the SPEED. You no longer need to slow the SPEED down; on the other hand this is really simple.
  • Enormous depower
    for an enormous range of use.
  • Unbelievable stability
    even in gusts, in spite of the high aspect ratio!
  • Extreme power per m?
    (inflatable kite factor 1 : 1.5)!
  • Individual bar forces
    can be adjusted thanks to SSS and HSS; never before possible in this way.
  • Ingenious lift and huge hang-time.
  • Highly increased turning speeds.
  • The fastest kite on the market
  • The best "One-Kite-Solution"!


With the SPEED you'll be the fastest kiter on the water, but you'll also be the one who gets upwind the farthest. The gained height can be used for high and long jumps. With this characteristic, the SPEED will not only appeal to speed fanatics, but to all kiters who want to get max power with a small kite. The possibility of using a smaller kite will not only be a plus in safety and in saving money, but will also increase the fun factor! The smile on your face will stay much longer than you ever thought possible, after riding with the SPEED!

Of course, the SPEED has all the features usual for FLYSURFER, such as NO-PUMP-SYSTEM, PULL-STOP-SYSTEM and many more.

Further features are:

The steering forces can be adjusted individually; for unhooked kiters, cruisers and everything in between. The kite can easily be adjusted to your personal preferences.

APC (Automatic Profile Camber):
The kite will automatically change the camber of the profile, thanks to the sophisticated and further optimized WAC-Line-System. The kite will adjust itself to the conditions automatically, so whether you're riding at maximum speed with high stability (flat profile) or riding with high lift and power (arched profile), you never have to adjust the kite by hand.

MMP (MaxiMum-Power):
The computer-optimized stable performance profile and 3-D optimized cross-section provided by our new software, get the last possible power out of the available square meters. Because the JETFLAPS have also been optimized, a kite with a high aspect ratio, like that of the SPEED, becomes extremely easy to handle: The most excellent German Engineering!

MLL (Serial Multi-Line-Length):
Allows you to easily reduce the flying-line length of 21 meters in 3 meter intervals. That way, you can quickly change the kite to a wave rider or adjust it for use in narrow launch locations.

ELC (Easy Line Connectors):
Ingenious joining elements for the flying-lines, which can be removed very easily. They can only be obtained from FLYSURFER.

QSS (Quick Start System):
Self-inflatable kites from FLYSURFER allow you to launch right away without wasting a second, which makes you more independent. Simply lay out the lines, launch and kite.

LSW (Land/Snow/Water):
Of course, the SPEED can be used on land, snow and water. No other manufacturer offers kites like this. A kite has never before achieved this many records, before its serial launch.

LCL (Little Connection Lines):
Predetermined breaking points at the connections of the wing to the bridle lines prevent damage to the kite and the lines. The LCL can be replaced very quickly so you can kite again in no time, e.g. after getting caught in an obstacle.

The SPEED is also delivered with the ingenious FLYSURFER bar-system with the perfect ROTOR-LEASH and the excellent Quickrelease.

And last but not least the FREE-REPAIR-Warranty!
FLYSURFER is the only manufacturer who has a guarantee for its German quality. FS-Quality gives you the guarantee of getting what you expect in a kite. The value of FLYSURFER kites is already legendary. Now we guarantee an even longer life-span for your kite.   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting