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SPEED SILBERPFEIL ("SILVERARROW") - The ultimate light wind weapon

After successful testing on water and on snow the SPEED “Silberpfeil” (Silverarrow) is now ready for limited series production.

The “Silberpfeil” will only be available in size 17m?, representing the pole position in lightwind-kiting on the market!

Our standard fabric used for the normal SPEEDs has been replaced with an extremely light fabric for the SPEED Silberpfeil. Hence, the weight of the kite itself could be reduced by ~ 50%!

Thanks to the new super light fabric, the low end of the kite has expanded by 15-20%. The high end of the windrange is unaffected by the new fabric.

Superb upwind performance paired with a huge range of use don't have to conflict with each other!

In order to protect the new high-tech-fabric, FLYSURFER also uses the well known Little-Connection-Lines (LCL). Thanks to our high standard of quality management, FREE-REPAIR is also possible at the SPEED Silberpfeil.

The price of the SPEED Silberpfeil is 300 € (incl. 16% VAT) more expensive compared to the standard SPEED 17.0.   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting