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Flysurfer PULSE


With the new PULSE, we push the already legendary depower-effect and incredible windrange of our kites to the next level. Thanks to the brand new TOTAL DEPOWER SYSTEM ( TDS ) it is now possible to use the PULSE in a previously unachievable windrange!

The TDS consists of three components:

  1. The FULL DEPOWER BAR ( FDB ) enables you to finally experience the most direct depower effect within reach of your arms! Furthermore the new FDB completely avoids the use of any pulleys to counter high bar-forces!

  2. The MAX DEPOWER LINESYSTEM ( MDPL ) increases the amount of projected surface area and results in noticeably more power per m? than ever encountered on any "C" or bow-kite concept on the current market.
    Ultimately, the MDPL does no longer limit the depower effect with the line system or the U-shape of the kite but the kite can be fully opened in the powerzone or at the edge of the windwindow. A dangerous inversion (luffing) of the kite or for the kite to turn inside out whilst fully depowered is almost impossible when compared to classic bow-kite concepts. In addition, the depower effect of FLYSURFER kites is not only increased by adjusting the angle of attack (AOA) but also by actively changing the shape of the airfoil during flight.

  3. With the FULL DEPOWER SAFETYLINE ( FDS ) we have been able to integrate an additional system for your safety. When using this system it is possible to fly the PULSE with an 5 th line, enabling you to react to drastically changing weather conditions and to stay in complete control. In an emergency situation, just deploy the FDS and set the kite to almost zero power whilst maintaining the possibility to relaunch the kite.

In addition the PULSE is equipped with a further developed SOFT STEERING SETUP /HARD STEERING SETUP option ( SSS / HSS ). You will be able to adjust the kites barforces in steps from a soft to a hard setup according to your personal preferences. Extreme Depower with high barforces or massive reach is now a thing of the past!

Turning speed was also a key design point on the PULSE and has undergone enormous enhancement! The PULSE turns way faster and narrower than any of its predecessors ! It remains a continuous acceleration while kitelooping without stalling at the end of the turn. Flat spinning or "propelloring", like you find on some currently available bow-kites, has been eliminated due to its superior design and internal construction.

The much appreciated features of previous FLYSURFER kites have all been retained and even improved upon!

It is now possible to instantly deploy the kite's PullStopSystem ( PSS ) to put the kite into full safety mode in any situation.

With the PULSE, all newcomers and waveriders will receive a product that will impress them with its ease of use and its enormous depower range! For the 2006 season, the PULSE will be the kite that will guide you from your first flight impressions to stylish aerial tricks. Thanks to the FREE-REPAIR warranty, the PULSE will bring you peace of mind and lots of fun and action!

Finally, traditional FLYSURFER features such as reverse relaunch, No Pump , variable flying lines, JET-FLAPS and FREE-REPAIR are standard on the PULSE.   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting