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SILVERARROW 2 - just be the first one...

In 2005 we redefined light wind kiting with the SILVERARROW-version of the SPEED. Our customer satisfaction beared us out in offering also the successor SPEED 2 as a light wind version – the SILVERARROW 2.

Compared to the serial version in 19.0m? we've been even able to expand the low end by ~25%. On the already very good light wind characteristics could even be approved upon and currently search one's peers on the market!

The SILVERARROW 2 enables you to have fun in marginal winds! Especially in terms of landboarding or snowkiting the SILVERARROW 2 shows its true performance. Thanks to the reduced weight (more than 25%) it won't fall out of the sky in lulls. Comparable tube kites can weigh up to three times more!

FLYSURFER-kites are already well-known for their small packing size and the SILVERARROW 2 is (compared to the serial version) almost 25% smaller when packed away. The small packing size and the low weight make it the perfect companion for long trips!

On the water you'll be by far the first one who jumps and stays upwind with the SILVERARROW 2 and see the frustration of others at the beach from a secure distance…
To squeeze out the maximum of the low end, all SILVERARROW 2 kites will be delivered with extra 6m line extensions.

Needless to say, the SILVERARROW 2 comes with all features, the serial SPEED 2 already offers you. For example the superb depower or our Free-Repair Warranty.

Your wish is our command…

Custom sizes (+150€) of the SPEED 2 with our lightweight fabric Skytex 27 (+300€) are available on request. The delivery time takes at least 4 weeks. Due to the fact that these kites are individual not to say unique kites we can't offer Free-Repair Warranty on these due to manufacturing reasons.

All features of the SILVERARROW 2:

  • Less weight (3,04 kg kite only)
  • Smaller packing size (25%)
  • The best low wind performance currently available!
  • Unique optics
  • Enormous range of use thanks to the maximum depower
  • Inclusive 6m line extensions
  • Quite simply more fun in light wind conditions!   LINKS : || || || kiteboarding - landkiting - snowkiting